Modern technologies to power the supply chain of carbon credits.

From carbon project standards to credits retirement.

Voluntary Carbon Market suffers 3 big transparency bottlenecks.



It's challenging to compare the quality of credits across standards because there are so many distinct carbon credit standards. Buyers may find it difficult to discover the projects that offer the greatest emissions reductions since credit developers may employ different approaches to compute emissions reductions.


Double-counting of carbon credits

This describes the sale of a carbon credit to several buyers or the resale of credits that are simultaneously claimed as retired. Because one credit is counted numerous times by various companies, double-counting of environmental effect claims causes a significant lack of confidence in the market and overstates the real reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.


No clear price signals

The cost of carbon credits varies greatly. Credits can be purchased for as low as $1 and as much as $900 per tonne. Different credit qualities and procedures play a role in this to some extent. However, it can also be attributed to over-the-counter deals that are conducted in secret and the subsequent absence of publicly available pricing data. Buyers find it difficult to determine whether they are paying a reasonable price for their credits when there are no tools available to compare the price of comparable credits.

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How our solution work

We are combining AI, IoT & Blockchain technologies to increase scalability, transparency and integrity in the voluntary carbon markets.

AIoT-powered Standards

Together with experts, we have developed a modern standards to verify and certify carbon projects. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) device helps in monitoring and managing carbon emission reductions in real-time to eliminate inaccuracy, inefficiency, and errors.

Blockchain-backed Registry

Tap into a secure and traceable carbon credits by leveraging our on-chain registry. We operate an efficient credit registry as opposed to traditional registries.

Trusted Carbon Marketplace

Buy carbon credits from traceable projects and independently retire them in a matter of minutes as opposed to many months. Every aspect of retirement is open to the public. When you tell your customers about your impact, use this openness to support it.

Our mission is to tackle climate change and CO2 emissions using modern technologies.

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